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Greg Robinson's Newcastle University research into Irlen Syndrome
Current research into Irlen Syndrome

Assessment for dyslexia, learning difficulties, reading problems, depth perception issues, headaches while reading.
Member, Australasian Association of Irlen Consultants. Associated with The Irlen Institute, USA.


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Irlen Dyslexia Centre.

Welcome. The word dyslexia is associated with a variety of reading and perceptual disorders. Irlen Syndrome is a form of Perceptual Dyslexia. Symptoms include poor spelling, writing, inefficient reading, sore eyes, headaches, glare sensitivity and depth perception difficulties.

Irlen Syndrome is not an optical condition. For some, it can co-exist with non-related visual acuity conditions. For many, perceptual distortions are caused by the brain (not the eye) mis-processing light and glare.

Irlen's patented colour lens technology corrects the way the brain is mis-processing specific frequencies in the light spectrum. Irlen Lenses can therefore, provide immediate assistance. Where necessary, a prescription from your optometrist can also be included. The result is a miracle for some - an important part of the puzzle for others.

Perceptual Dyslexia

Many of us assume that everyone sees things the same way. People with perceptual problems (even with perfect vision) actually perceive print like this:

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If you, one of your family, or someone you know may be a candidate for Irlen Syndrome, get them to take our SELF ASSESSMENT TEST.